Even though summer is a time for enjoying the sun and relaxing, homeowners still need to be aware of potential plumbing issues. When temperatures rise, there is a higher possibility of plumbing problems occurring. Additionally, having guests over can exacerbate these issues due to the increase in water usage. Join your Miamisburg Plumbing & Drain experts as we discuss the most frequently occurring summer plumbing problems.  


1. OUTDOOR FAUCETS, SPRINKLERS, & HOSE PROBLEMS – Before we discuss anything else, let’s talk about common issues that arise with outdoor plumbing. During the summer, many people spend time outdoors and use outdoor plumbing fixtures like hoses, sprinklers, and faucets. These fixtures can sometimes cause problems, especially if they have been used a lot over the years. The combination of hot weather and increased water usage can cause small problems to become bigger, leading to burst pipes underground or flooding in your yard or basement.  

It is important to regularly inspect your hoses, sprinklers, fixtures, and faucets for any visible damage or leaks to prevent major disasters. If any issues are found, they should be fixed or replaced immediately because ignoring these minor issues can lead to bigger problems in the future. For major plumbing issues, it is recommended to seek the help of a licensed professional. 

2. SEWER LINE BACKUPS – Now, let’s talk about sewage. During the summer, sewer lines can easily become clogged due to high usage and other factors. It’s not a desirable situation to deal with. If you think your sewage line is having problems, watch out for signs like foul smells, gurgling noises, clogged drains or toilets, and backups. So, if you suspect this may be the case for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will take care of all the necessary repairs to get everything working properly again. 


1. LEAKY FAUCET PROBLEMS – Dealing with leaky faucets can be quite bothersome! Sadly, people tend to ignore a faucet that drips for longer than necessary. However, doing so can result in excessive water consumption and potential problems in the future. It’s best to deal with a leaking faucet as soon as possible. In most cases, you can tighten the fixture or replace the washer to fix the problem. Sometimes, you may need to replace the entire faucet fixture.  

 2. CLOGGED TOILET PROBLEMS – Older plumbing systems can experience clogs during the summer due to temperature changes and higher humidity levels, causing rusting, corrosion, and mineral buildup in drain lines. It’s important to contact a professional to handle this type of complicated clog as it can cause broken pipes from increased pressure. 

During the summer, children who attend school are usually home, which is another factor in the season’s increased water usage and regular wear. It is recommended to inspect your toilets for cracks or leaks as a proactive measure. You may not find anything amiss (and we hope you don’t), but staying two steps ahead will help you to pinpoint toilet problems before they evolve. 

3. LOW-WATER PRESSURE PROBLEMS – During this season, low water pressure can often occur due to changes in water levels or minerals building up in pipes. If you’re experiencing this issue, it’s best to contact a plumber promptly to resolve it. 

4. WATER HEATER PROBLEMS – If your water heater is not heating up properly or if you are only getting lukewarm water, it may be because of a problem with the heater itself. Hot water is needed all year round, including in the summer. In fact, high summer temperatures can sometimes lead to damage or cracks in your water heater. It is also possible that sediment buildup is causing the issue. You can try flushing it out to see if that solves the problem. If not, feel free to contact us for a diagnosis and repair. We are happy to help you get your hot water back. 

5. WASHING MACHINE PROBLEMS – Don’t forget to add your washing machine to your summer maintenance checklist. During this time of year, washing machines may face issues such as clogged pipes, corroded parts, and damaged seals which can cause problems and damage to the system. Regularly inspect your machine for any leaks, signs of corrosion, or other types of damage. 

6. DISHWASHER AND GARBAGE DISPOSAL PROBLEMS – During this time of the year, as household gatherings increase, be mindful of pouring only drain-safe foods into your garbage disposal. Even with the busy festivities, avoid the temptation to dump anything into the kitchen sink that shouldn’t be there. Dealing with a clogged garbage disposal and sink can be a troublesome task. Additionally, refrain from overloading your dishwasher to prevent food and particles from clogging up the system. By disposing of your food properly and not overwhelming your dishwasher, you can keep everything working well throughout the summer. 

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