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Have you ever had that heart-stopping moment where your wedding ring slipped off your finger and plummeted straight down the sink drain? Time seemed to stand still as you helplessly watched it disappear into the depths of the plumbing system. Perhaps that’s what brought you here today, or maybe you just want to keep this information in your back pocket for the future. Whatever the case, don’t worry; you can still recover it without calling a plumber (although we do recommend it in some cases). In this blog post, Miamisburg Plumbing & Drain will show you what to do if you find yourself in this unfortunate plumbing predicament.  


First, remember to turn off the faucet and leave it off until you get your ring or other lost item back. This is because if you leave the faucet running, there’s a chance it could go down the drain into the main line and be gone forever. 


To look down the drain properly, you’ll need to remove the drain stopper if you have one. If you’re having trouble taking it out, check under the sink and look at the pivot rod arm. It will be connected to the sink’s drain pipe. Sometimes, this little metal rod can get bent or disconnected, causing the stopper to not move as it’s supposed to. You might have to use a wrench or pliers to grip the pivot rod arm and gently twist it off. Once you’ve loosened that part, give removing the drain stopper another try and see if it comes out easily. Hopefully, with a bit of luck, you’ll be able to see down your sink drain and spot your ring (or other item) right away. 


Ever heard of a grabber claw? It’s a pretty handy tool that can really make things easier for situations like this. A grabber claw is a four-pronged tool that can fit into tight spaces like a sink drain. With it, you can grab and remove any pesky blockages. In today’s case – it might just help you retrieve your lost item! You should be able to easily find one at any home improvement store. With a little bit of patience and the grabber claw, you may be able to rescue your ring directly from the sink drain and have it back in your hands in no time! 


Depending on the nature of the item that has been dropped down the sink, you may consider utilizing a telescoping magnetic wand to extract the item directly from the sink drain. These practical wands are both magnetic and extendable, offering valuable assistance in such situations. However, it is important to note that these specific tools are unable to retrieve silver and gold rings or jewelry, as silver and gold are non-magnetic materials. 

Alternate Step 3: HOW ABOUT A SHOP VACUUM? 

If that didn’t work or wasn’t an option for you, it’s time to get creative! If you happen to own a shop vac (or maybe you can borrow one from a neighbor or a friend), you could try this quirky idea: attach a nylon stocking to the end of the nozzle. We know it sounds a little silly, but with the nylon stocking acting like a net, it could be an innovative way to retrieve your ring. Just make sure the stocking is securely attached, hold the nozzle firmly in place, position it over the sink’s drain hole, and turn on the vacuum. Hopefully, the vacuum’s air pressure will pull the ring up, and the stocking net will catch it, preventing it from getting sucked into the shop vac! Voilà! 

Alternate Step 3: HOW ABOUT THE P-TRAP? 

Still searching for ways to retrieve your item? Well, we can cut straight to the source! You see, the P-trap is a real hero when it comes to keeping your plumbing system running smoothly. The P-trap is the P-shaped pipe below your sink that holds pockets of water, trapping and keeping those toxic sewer gases (like methane) from sneaking into your home. And guess what? The P-trap also pulls double duty by containing tiny stray items, just like the situation we find ourselves in now.  

Before you start removing the P-trap, we recommend putting a bucket or container right under where the P-trap is. This way, you can catch any water, muck, and, hopefully, your lost item. Oh, and don’t forget to have some towels or rags nearby, just in case. Now, you’ll need to find the slip nuts on both ends of the P-trap and use pliers or a pipe wrench to loosen them. Once the slip nuts are loose, they should slide down the pipes, allowing you to carefully pull the P-trap away from the tailpiece (the vertical pipe of the sink) and the waste pipe (the horizontal piece going into the wall/floor). Just be ready to empty the contents of the P-trap into the bucket, where you should hopefully find your ring! 

If you were able to successfully retrieve your ring or lost item, give yourself a pat on the back! That was quite an ordeal, and you got yourself through it! But make sure you securely put back the P-trap, the drain stopper, and the pivot rod arm in their original spots. Now, on the off chance you haven’t been able to find your item yet, sometimes it’s hard to know when enough is enough. Admitting defeat can be tough, but remember that plumbers are trained experts who know exactly how to handle even the toughest plumbing issues. So, if your own attempts didn’t work out at first, no big deal! That’s why we’re here for you! Just give us a call, and we’ll be more than happy to help!  

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